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Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionWhen and why should I use a pad?

Use a base on smooth stone or wooden floors. It extends the life of your rug, as the pile of the rug is less depressed. In addition, it prevents slipping. Furthermore, the pad also acts as additional sound insulation.

QuestionWhat are fringes?

Fringes are the extension of the warp threads to which the wool (or silk) threads forming the pile are knotted. The fringes are fixed at the ends, so that the weft and the filaments forming the pile do not dissolve.

QuestionWhy do the fringes of a carpet vary?

The exact length of the fringe depends on the weaving of the carpet and who created it. Fringes are sometimes cut short, sometimes long. For older carpets, they may be braided or not present at all. The type and length of the fringes do not usually provide information about the quality of a carpet.

QuestionWhy are hand-knotted carpets irregular?

Each handmade carpet is handmade from A to Z. Therefore, every hand-knotted carpet is unique, which you just recognize this irregularity. The irregularity is thus a component of the value. For nomadic rugs, it is often unintentional, but is because making carpets for nomadic carpet weavers is much more difficult than for carpet weavers in a manufactory. The looms in rural areas where the nomadic rugs are made are usually of a very simple type lying on the floor. For this reason, it is more difficult to make a symmetrical rug .

QuestionThe carpet has different shades or color nuances. Is this a fault or a deficiency on the carpet?
AnswerOne calls the different shades and color shades in the technical language  Abrash . Abrash is the Turkish word for color differences. Abrash is common in nomadic rugs. They arise when a weaver uses the yarn from a dye that did not have exactly the same color shade as the one previously used. The Abrash therefore gives the rug more character and authentic charm and it also reminds of the working conditions of the carpet weaver.
QuestionAre the rugs offered here, which are offered at a discounted price, the second choice?
AnswerNo. Our low prices are based on the attempt to bring the existing excess inventory in warehouses and the liquidation goods from various furniture stores increasingly to the interested parties. Unfortunately, the demand for these "natural resources" has fallen sharply in recent years. However, in carpet weavers, these goods are still made every day as they are an important part of their culture and income. By offering these rugs at a discounted but fair price, we hope to arouse interest and appreciation in these works of art. 
QuestionWhat are the plant colors used in hand-knotted carpets?


Here the so-called Krapplack is used. This is a ca. 1 meter high dye plant, which is mainly native to the Mediterranean and South-West-Asia.

But Cochenille (so-called carmine red) was used earlier. To obtain the color Kermes lice were dried and boiled in water with the addition of a little sulfuric acid. Today, amaranth is used as a substitute, a food coloring that is resistant to light and heat.


For these colors many plants are available. For example, the safflower


For this the indigo plant is used. which is native to India. 


These arise when indigo is applied to yellow-dyed wool.

QuestionBefore I decide to buy: Can I try a rug at home to see if it fits in my flat? 
AnswerOf course. On our homepage or in our sales locality, select the carpets that are suitable for you. We deliver the carpets to your home or you can pick up the carpets from us. If you do not like it, you can return it to us within the agreed deadline. This service is free and not binding for You.
QuestionI saw a carpet that I really like. Unfortunately, this is already sold. Can you get me a same one?
AnswerOne exactly the same: unfortunately no. Every handcrafted rug is unique. However, if you wish, we will ask the sources in question if we can find an equivalent copy for you. Of course without obligation and free of charge.  
QuestionHelp, my carpet has a stain! What do you advise me?
AnswerOften enough for certain stains simple home remedies such as soft soap. But beware: Depending on the type of carpet, this chemical will not tolerate. So before you try to remove the stain, call us without obligation. We're here to help.

Question          My carpet has a hole and the edges dissolve. Can you help me?
Answer          Please contact us. Depending on the general condition of the carpet is worth a professional repair. After inspection of the carpet - and if the repair is still                          worthwhile - we will make you an offer without obligation.